• 6 Lessons

    Denture Base

    This is a workaround course to show a way to make a denture base with tooth sockets without using the denture module.

  • 7 Lessons

    Full Denture – Single Arch

    In this course we will go through the wizard steps for the new full denture design definition of a single arch.
  • 9 Lessons

    Hybrid Sub- and Suprastructures

    By the conclusion of this course you should be able to convert your removable substructure into a fixed hybrid substructure and secondly, fabricate a suprastructure from a different file and material.

  • 10 Lessons

    Interim Partial Denture

    We design an interim partial denture (flipper) with a reduced labial surface to achieve better esthetics.

  • 12 Lessons

    Printed Dentures

    The goal of this course is to create a monolithic denture you can print and characterize with pink composite, or design a denture base with an offset for tooth pockets and print separately from the denture teeth.
  • 10 Lessons

    Secondary Substructure

    We design an implant supported bar substructure, then another secondary substructure that will be cemented on top with retention pins.
  • 11 Lessons

    Thimble Crowns

    Thimble crowns is a variation in the generic tooth cutback library. This course walks you through designing a full arch of thimble crown cutback preparations and includes gingiva design cutback.