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I’m a subscriber of XOcademy and I find it to be very helpful. Great value!

Several of us here have been using exocad for years and have become very proficient with it, but occasionally you put some cool tips/tricks up! You’ve earned a lifetime membership from us. Excellent resource…keep it up!!

I was stuck with managing some of the tricky settings in exocad for doing an all-on-x case wax-up, but XOcademy came to my rescue. I signed up and within a few minutes after watching some of the videos on there, I’m done. Wish I would have seen this site sooner, would have saved me a few hours…. LOL HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

When are you going to start promoting XOcademy? That s#!% is gold!

This site is well worth the effort. The videos are extremely easy to follow and chocked full of great information. If you’re looking for training on exocad, XOcademy is a great place to start.

I just wanted to say great job with the whole academy. This is truly a must if you are learning exocad. Very clear and concise explanation for workflow and parameters!!!! Keep up the good work!

Looking good! Your all-on-x videos were amazing.

I just joined and watched about 12: of the lessons… Great stuff!

Before signing up: Any thoughts on the quality of this source of online advanced training for Exocad?

After becoming a member: Great tutorials! Exactly what I was looking for to get started!

I second XOcademy. great value. I’m not a complete novice but there’s lots I do not know how to do. One hour watching his videos really helped me connect the dots.

Your exocad school is worth the entry, I already used a valuable function I never heard about. Thanks a ton, you saved me at least five grand for classes I was gonna take this summer in S. California.

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  • Show us your cases and ask questions or get feedback and teach others.
  • exocad Crown & Bridge
    Workflow discussions around the base crown & bridge DentalCAD program.
  • Make exocad your own by sharing your edits here.
  • Setting up DentalCAD on your network and IT management of your digital files.
  • All things Denture related. Single arch and full sets.
  • Discussions surrounding exoplan.
  • Discussions about implant supported restorations.
  • Model Creator settings and attachments.
  • Using all of the functions DentalCAD is capable of.
  • The newest developments in exocad, DentalCAD, and exoplan.
  • Discussions about additive manufacturing.
  • What else can we add or take away from XOcademy? Share your improvements here!
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