Trade-Up to Ultimate Lab Bundle


Which licenses may be submitted for the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER?
You may submit any DentalCAD Licenses activated on or before August 31, 2023.

Are Flex Licenses eligible for the upgrade as well?
Yes, please select the correct license type when checking out.

Does it matter if the upgrade contract of the Perpetual License has already expired?
No, it does not matter if the upgrade contract has expired or is still valid. You are eligible for the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER in all cases.

What happens with the upgrade contract after the ultimate trade-up activation?
A new, one-year upgrade contract will start on the day of the ultimate trade-up activation. This upgrade contract will be subject to auto-renewal unless it is canceled.

Does it matter if the license has some activated modules?
No, it does not matter if any modules are activated for the license. After purchase of the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER, the existing license is supplemented with all missing modules to contain all modules of the Ultimate Bundle.

What are the costs of the ULTIMATE TRADE-UP OFFER and are they fixed?
The costs are fixed! It does not matter how old the license is, if the license already has an upgrade contract or any activated modules. The cost to Trade-Up is $5,500 for perpetual licenses and $3,000 for Flex licenses. No additional fees will be charged (e.g., the Refresh Fee is not applicable for this offer).

Do we need to replace the dongle?
No, we do not need to replace the dongle. The user will keep the existing dongle. The license number will simply be updated to activate all of the add-on modules.

Not an XOcademy member yet? Add a year membership for an extra $100 OFF!

Your license needs to be managed by XOcademy in order to take advantage of this limited time offer. A reseller transfer (zero cost) will need to be completed if you purchased exocad from a different reseller.

Start DentalDB and do not open a case. Go to settings –> About. Paste your license number here.


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